Re: Musikkauf, Vinyl

"That some people like to pay for, collect and own records (and this includes downloads from iTunes as well as LPs and CDs) is not meant to suggest that the music business isn’t in trouble or that the sales of recorded music are not in decline. But the media have not gotten the whole story here, which is why I’m talking to puzzled journalists at Time, Wired, Rolling Stone and other publications every couple of weeks. It’s just that the focus on vinyl sales is only part of the picture."
Why do people buy records?

"Is vinyl mastering so superior to the "noise reduction" CDs are legendary for that even digital music sounds better on LP? Or is the hype just, well, hype? Do people just think they're getting better sound on new records because they assume they're getting a pure analog experience? Does the appeal of the gatefold overcome the fact that once a sound is digitized, there's no turning backl? The vinyl I buy tends to be used and $1.99, so I can't speak from authority about the sound quality of new vinyl. But maybe you can."
Why Buy Digitally Recorded Albums On Vinyl? (unbedingt die Comments lesen, da wird viel erwähnt was bei dümmlichen "Vinyl gut, alles andere nicht"-Artikeln meistens falsch dargestellt oder übersehen wird)

Tom (Gast) - 28. Mär, 19:59

Die Kommentare sind tatsächlich wirklich weiterführend. Insbesondere, da sehr technische Aspekte angesprochen werden, die man nicht oft liest. Ich mag auch die ehrliche Aussage, dass Vinyl mehr gibt als nur vermeintlich warmeren Sound, sondern ein Erlebnis, ein "cooles Gefühl" usw.

Danke für den Hinweis!